Last night Justin and I made a door for our bedroom. Kind of.

I think at one point there was a door there, but sometime before our arrival here, it was removed. We kind of like not having a door to deal with, as we really need the wall space in our tiny apartment. But I wanted a bit more privacy in the bedroom, so I could change without moving to a corner of the room for fear of giving the neighbors a free show. We had purchased this material to cover our purple bench (lovingly referred to as the pommel horse), but decided the fabric would be lovelier as a curtain. Justin put the hardware up, and we bought some really cool curtain rings that have clips attached, so I didn’t have to worry about making a pocket for the rod to fit through. I hemmed the top and bottom of the fabric, and up it went! The sides were actually fine as is, plus I didn’t feel like hemming them.

So now we have a door that’s not a door, but can be a door if we want a door. I love it.

Psst….if you look closely, you can just see Roux sleeping the day away on our bed…

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  1. The curtains look very nice, I am proud of you guys. You are getting very crafty.

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