Weekly menu

Okay, so I’ve made our dinner plans for the week, based on the produce we expect to get in our Farmhouse Delivery bushel on Tuesday. Nicole says it helps to post your weekly menu, so you’re more likely to stick to it. Sounds like a plan.

Tuesday: Caldo Gallego, salad, bread
Wednesday: Sweet Potato Soup with Bacon, salad, bread
Thursday: Braised Greens with Tomatoes and Fried Eggs, bread
Friday: Dining out
Saturday: Pasta with broccoli, carrots, and other odds and ends
Sunday: ?

Lunches will be leftovers and salads and such. I’ll try to post these recipes soon after we make them.

Also, I STILL love my hair. It’s sooooo much easier to style, and it automatically looks sleek and professional for work. Although I have been told that I look even more Asian than usual now… 🙂

3 responses to “Weekly menu”

  1. oh! did you join a CSA? I love meal planning. It’s so much fun to flip through recipe books and dream of tasty things

  2. Yaaay! First meal plan!

    If the “Braised Greens with Tomatoes and Fried Eggs” recipe is from Farmhouse Delivery, we ate that last week and it was delicious! We added red pepper flakes and oregano/basil to ours and it was sooo good.

    Also, what is “Caldo Gallego”? I’ve never heard of that before.

  3. Connie, it’s kind of a CSA, but it includes lots of different farmers.

    Nicole, that’s the greens recipe we’re trying! And Caldo Gallego is a Spanish soup with turnips in it… I’ll try to post it soon. 🙂

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