Treats for now, treats for later

Why didn’t I think of this before? At the bed and breakfast, we make huge batches of cookie dough, and if we don’t need it all that day, we freeze it for a later date. It has worked with every dough I’ve tried, and it’s a huge time-saver.

But for some reason, it never occurred to me to try it at home. Until last night. We both needed a sweet fix, and we were both craving chocolate chip cookies. So I made my favorite recipe, then divided the dough. I baked a few, and rolled the rest into balls and plopped them into freezer bags. I figured it would be easier to break off a few cookies whenever we had the urge if they were already separated (as opposed to tossing a big lump of dough in the freezer). Now, even though I’m enjoying my cookies, I’m excited to know there are more ready and waiting in the freezer. I need to do more of this freezing stuff.

4 responses to “Treats for now, treats for later”

  1. Duh! I just had a “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment. Thanks for the great time-saving idea!

  2. point taken.
    we never think to double the batch and freeze some — and it is such a simple thing to do.

  3. This is so funny. With 2 kids, I make and freeze extra food all the time and it’s NEVER occurred to me to do this. Thanks for the post, and I love the picture!

  4. Hi Crystal, thanks for stopping by my site! The freezer is my best friend: it helps me keep an abundance of “fresh” baked goods around the house. I recently froze a log of leftover cookie dough, and popping it in the oven was just as convenient as store-bought dough. I never thought about freezing it into little balls though. How clever! Now I can put it on a cookie sheet while the oven’s pre-heating. No defrosting necessary.

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