Sunday Afternoon

We’ve started a new thing – weekend early dinner at Elizabeth Street Cafe. Not every weekend, but just at about 5pm, when there’s no wait and we can sit at the counter looking out over the patio. We joke that we’re senior citizens, because we prefer to go out for dinner at 5 or 6pm, but we avoid waits, we often get happy hour prices, and we come home and eat dinner #2 at 10pm anyway. 🙂

Have you been to Elizabeth Street Cafe? I fought it for a long time. It’s so expensive! It’s just Vietnamese food! It’s just cutesy and not great! But no. It’s SO good. Everything is crazy fresh and delicious and locally sourced and beautifully presented. And at 5pm, the light at the window seat is lovely.

I’m breaking the rules AGAIN – these photos are from my iPhone! (gasp)

spring rolls with BBQ pork :: amazing spicy avocado-ish sauce

grilled octopus salad :: kohlrabi rocks

banh mi with lemongrass tofu

vermicelli bowl with grilled chicken thighs and fried spring rolls :: shady blonde punch in the background


2 responses to “Sunday Afternoon”

  1. We just ate there for the first time this Sunday! We went for breakfast before Fantastic Fest and had Vietnamese iced coffees, sticky rice with ginger sausage & poached eggs, shaking steak and eggs, and the crispy pork belly, avocado, & mint banh mi. We also got the jasmine tea/lemonade, a banana cream puff, and an espresso cream puff to go for later. It was all so good!

    And oh, the restaurant itself was just adorable! I loved the patio and the glassware and the cute little condiment bottles and everything. It was like my dream restaurant.

    I do agree that it is definitely more expensive than other Vietnamese places, but I considered it kinda like La Condesa or something. It’s like, yeah, you could get tacos for way cheaper, but not this fresh and vibrant and beautiful and local!

  2. I love their apps (the spring roll sauces are amazing!) But have yet to find an entree that I love. Any recs? I am happy to go there an order a table full of apps any day though…and the jasmine iced tea….omg!

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