Farm-fresh breakfast…for dinner

Sometimes, you just have to eat breakfast for dinner. Justin is never hungry in the mornings, and in skipping breakfast, he misses out on eggs and waffles and pancakes, which he really loves. Breakfast for dinner is the perfect answer.

Sometimes he’ll whip up some whole-grain waffles for us, topped with sliced bananas and toasted nuts. But by far his favorite breakfast is papas. Plain old fried, salted potatoes. Occasionally he’ll mix an egg in there, but if all he had were potatoes, he’d be happy. This week I snuck some nutrition into his favorite breakfast…straight from the farmer’s market.

I suggested that he add diced sweet potatoes to the regular potatoes; he worked on those while I made a broccoli-cheese omelet, with those lovely farm-fresh eggs. At least he got a bit more than just starch this time. And he liked it!

2 responses to “Farm-fresh breakfast…for dinner”

  1. I have wanted to try mixing some sweet potato in with the mashed regular, but I have been ….scared! I like the poco-cocoa imprint on the picture. Really cool!

  2. Yum! I’m a big fan of breakfast for dinner because I love breakfast foods, but I don’t have the time or the appetite for them in the morning.

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