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  • Louisiana.

    I wish I could edit every photo I took in Louisiana and post it here. Alas, that thought gives me hives, so you’ll have to just enjoy these few from my iPhone for the moment. We spent Thanksgiving week in Louisiana with the Coops, with a couple of days in New Orleans. It was fantastic, […]

  • Monday in Portland

    Monday was our last full day in Portland. It was busy and awesome. we had a fantastic lunch at little bird for justin’s birthday i fell in love with this place :: amazing chalkboard art (look at that negative space!) :: beautiful decor romantic balcony :: wonderful bar roasted marrow bones with flatbread :: black […]

  • Sunday in Portland

    Today we meant to get up early and have breakfast. Instead we got up late and had brunch. good morning from zell’s cafe we got lovely scones and jam with our coffee at the counter i had coffee and corned beef hash with over easy eggs :: justin had a reuben scramble with sauerkraut and […]

  • Saturday in Portland

    Today it was slightly cooler out, though the locals still thought it was too hot. At 84 degrees. (Sigh. I wish we had 84 degree summers in Austin!) i hid the bat in justin’s pants pocket as i was putting away laundry last week :: he made his way to portland! in the 2nd floor […]

  • Friday in Portland

    Our morning was full of webinars and work, then coffee and bagels and lox. and then, a super cute puppy then the portland art museum :: karl hofer, frütte stunde (early hour) also, i saw monet’s water lillies and it was so beautiful i wanted to cry ideal portland park :: reading and loafing (obligatory […]