Monday in Portland

Monday was our last full day in Portland. It was busy and awesome.

we had a fantastic lunch at little bird for justin’s birthday

i fell in love with this place :: amazing chalkboard art (look at that negative space!) :: beautiful decor

romantic balcony :: wonderful bar

roasted marrow bones with flatbread :: black garlic crepe

fried cod on brioche :: zucchini-almond soup

more chalkboard art (those little ice cubes!)

my love on his birthday

i’m not so sure about this place

we spent a while at the lan su chinese garden :: possibly my favorite place in all of portland

most of the materials used to build this place came from china

it is considered the most authentic chinese garden outside of china

the “knowing the fish” pavilion is named for this story:

walking along a stream and looking at the fish in it, one philosopher tells the other how happy he finds the fish to be.

the other replies, “you are not a fish. how can you know that the fish are happy?”

the first responds, “you are not me. how do you know i don’t know the fish are happy?”

we stopped to have tea on the terrace

pu-er tuocha for justin :: dragonwell for me

we found our fortunes :: mine is on top

i could have stayed here forever

 After the garden, there was much clothes shopping (no sales tax!) and a visit to Bluehour for dinner at the bar. Then pack, pack, packing.

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