Weekend Moments, June 8

It’s been a very long time (years!) since I’ve done a weekend moments video. It’s just bits of the weekend, captured with my iPhone – going back through these old videos always makes me so happy. So I’m hoping to re-start this tradition!

Highlights of this weekend:

  • We visited Licha’s, which usually we love, but this time there were a zillion flies, and the food just wasn’t as good as usual, so meh.
  • My parents came to visit! We met them for breakfast at Mi Tierra in San Antonio (Pork with red chile! Mariachis! Candy!), then shopped around the mercado for a bit before heading back to Austin.
  • I made this really weird snack of crackers with butter, strawberry jam, and salsa. It’s really good. I think it comes from this memory of being at my friend’s house when I was a kid, and we had saltines with butter and peach salsa for a snack. Weird but good.
  • We celebrated our friend David’s graduation with an awesome crawfish boil at their place. Kate of course made amazing muffulettas, as if a giant table of crawfish wasn’t enough. 😉
  • We had dinner with my parents at an oldie-but-goodie for us: Schlotzsky’s. Did you grow up eating Schlotzsky’s? Man, I love that bread. And this one had a crazy futuristic soda machine that is probably in every fast food place now, and I just don’t know it. You can choose like ANY soda ever. I ended up getting vanilla Barq’s root beer, which was so good.
  • We had breakfast on Sunday morning with my parents at Counter Cafe. I had cheesy grits with collards and bacon, topped with poached eggs. After a few good shakes of salt, it was pretty good. Justin and my dad chose the right thing – straight up biscuits and gravy.
  • Sunday was super lazy. I cooked up some chard and eggplant and rice and bits of things for dinner, then we watched Game of Thrones. Things be gettin’ crazy up in Westeros, yo.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Weekend Moments, June 8, 2015 from Crystal Esquivel on Vimeo.

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