Some days I make kale soup with Spanish chorizo and local salad greens for dinner. Some days dinner is just a bit of guacamole and some chocolate cake. 🙂

Tonight I’m at home alone, while Justin is out being athletic at the gym. I’m thinking about knitting, or maybe sewing. Or writing, or reading a scary book. Or taking a bubble bath, or baking a cake. Probably, I’ll just snuggle up with the kitty cats and do crosswords.

This is one of my favorite little corners of our home… it’s the space on top of our dresser, where I do my hair and makeup in the mornings. There’s a photo from our wedding day, and my favorite little elephant holding my wedding ring. There’s a tiny crystal vase that my sister-in-law brought back from somewhere in Europe (I really should know where), and a tiny Eiffel tower that we got on our honeymoon at Disneyworld. There’s a candy tin filled with pennies, which we shake at the kitties when they’re being bad. There’s a handmade headband I bought in New Orleans, and a gold cuff that I don’t wear enough. There are two lollipops that have been there forever.

It feels so decadent to have such a calm evening, to have time to notice these small things. I’ve been all activity and no rest for some time now. I just need to learn to soak up this quiet time… let it fill me up, weigh me down, ground me… so that when things get hectic, I can bring myself back to this place, this quiet, this calm.

Tuesday, Tuesday. I hope yours was great.

3 responses to “tuesday.”

  1. Is that a slice of Central Market chocolate cake I spy? 🙂 It’s been my dinner many a night lately!!

  2. It is! I stopped at CM at lunch, and it looked so delicious that I had to bring it with me. I didn’t have time to eat it at work, so it became dinner. I just love their chocolate frosting… 🙂

  3. LOVE the self portrait!

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