Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

I am thankful for:

• A loving husband who laughs at my jokes, wipes away my tears, and applauds my successes
• A great family who supports me and my decisions
• More friends than I have ever had in my life, all of them wonderful, intriguing, and important to me in their own ways
• Two beautiful and loving cats
• A stable job with great co-workers and much promise for my future
• Good health
• Rain
• The experience of living in Boston, making new friends there, realizing the value of my old friends, growing as a person, and coming back smarter and more aware
• Chocolate, cheese, pasta and tomatoes
• The love of books that my parents encouraged when I was young, which has led me on so many adventures, helped me learn so many things, and filled my time with the many joys of reading
• A strong and hopeful country
• A comfortable home, a warm bed, and food in the fridge
• Frozen margaritas
• Autumn leaves, cinnamon, pumpkins, butterflies, swimming holes, hikes with friends, wine tours, good recipes, striped socks, fingernail polish, pajamas, scooters, helmets, cloudy days, and journals

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

One response to “Thankful”

  1. Great post that everyone should read because you said it so well. It is the little things in life that makes us thankful.