seriously, bon appetit?

A pyrex dish on the cover? Sigh. I miss Gourmet.

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  1. LOL. That’s awful on so many levels.

  2. I totally agree! I got the issue yesterday and read it in like 30 minutes just because nothing was interesting. I used to take hours to read Gourmet just because it was all so interesting.

    That eggplant dish seriously looks disgusting to me. The sauce looks all separated and the cheese for some reason looks like fuzzy or moldy at some parts. Blech…

    Also I just hate so many of the recipes in Bon Appetit! I can’t stand when food magazines call for “one can of jarred marinara” in their recipes. Marinara is like the easiest thing to make ever. And what’s the point of COOKING if you’re not really COOKING? My fiancee Darius said it best yesterday when he was reading the magazine…”Seems like Bon Appetit is turning into Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade”

    Sorry–my rant is over. But I feel like I’m totally over all of the food magazines out there because they just aren’t inspiring!

  3. Nicole, I agree. I found nothing of interest in this issue. And if I can’t tell what the dish on the cover is, it probably shouldn’t be on the cover. It seems like all we have left is Saveur… 🙁

  4. … my pyrex is never that neat looking after making lasagna-type things.

  5. Ugh. Tuna FUCKING noodle casserole. Logan just said “That’s what we lost Gourmet for, that crap?” Apparently.

  6. Agreed. If Bon Appetit is really a reflection of what sells, it makes me sad.

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