I have a lot of resolutions this year. Actually, I think I’ll call them something else…hopes, maybe.

I hope that I can make exercise a daily habit. I hope I can take walks on most days. I hope I can eat well, using In Defense of Food as a guide for choosing more whole, real, local and organic foods when I’m able to. I hope I can do this without creating harsh rules for myself, so that I can still enjoy eating. I hope to join a CSA. I hope to enjoy taking courses at the local community college. I hope to find volunteer work that lights me up inside. I hope to continue to cultivate romance and passion with my husband. I hope to support him as best as I can as he dreams and works and achieves. I hope to stay connected with family and friends. I hope to celebrate birthdays and holidays in whatever way feels best for me. I hope to travel somewhere I haven’t been. I hope to be debt-free. I hope to put money in savings. I hope to pare down and live more simply. I hope to create things that make me happy, by sewing, knitting, embroidering, carving, writing, etc. I hope to stop comparing myself to other women, in beauty, clothes, hair, and perceived success. I hope to have good health, to take care of my teeth, and to have occasional haircuts, manicures and pedicures. I hope to keep reading for fun, and to continue to enjoy the written word. 

I hope that all these hopes can keep me uplifted and help me reach toward goodness and happiness. 

I hope.

5 responses to “Resolutions…er…hopes”

  1. i just joined a csa too! i’m so excited about all the possibilities for good local food this summer. i love all your goals…goodness and happiness are what life is all about! happy 2009!

  2. I think your hopes are wonderful . . . . I hope you keep writing in 2009.

  3. Hi, Mija,
    I hope you and Justin realize all of your dreams in your near future and total happiness finds you and stays in your heart and lives forever. Keep posting your ideas…..I think I will try a little of that eating more sensably this year…Lord knows I need it! Not scheduled to hit the road again for a few weeks….Does anyone is Austin sell a will power by the gallon?
    Love, Dad

  4. many new year’s blessings to all cocoa puffs!

    and thanks for continuing to keep it real on the internets, c.

    now, i am totally swiping your HOPE idea, for all time. goals are so last century–

    make it fun!

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