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Last weekend Justin and his pal Bud participated in Bloodshots, a 48-hour horror film competition. They had just two days to script, film, and edit a short movie…and they were given certain rules to follow.

Their film had to include:
* A sub-genre of “Backwoods”
* A fanny-pack as a prop
* A weapon based on technology
* The line “They may drink alcohol, but they’re still human beings”

Other groups were given different sub-genres and weapons, but all were required to use the same prop and line.

If you have about five minutes, please check out their film, and vote for it if you love it! I have to say, it’s pretty funny, and though I am of course biased, I like theirs better than all the other films.

To view Justin’s film, click here, and choose the video from team Budcrud Productions. You can vote for their film after viewing it (from 1 to 100, 100 being the best), and they’ll be that much closer to winning the competition!

Thanks everyone, and enjoy!

2 responses to “Please vote!”

  1. hello tia! well do me a favor and tell tio i am so proud of him and bud! they are so good at movie makin! maybe they should think of a career change just playin! i am so proud of him! and dont worry lots of votes will be comein from dc! love you so much! take care and ill email you tonight when i get home!

  2. This is hilarious; I love it! Way to go Esqui! They’ve come so far since that mediocre acting in the first film 🙂

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