No School Like the Old School

Sometimes (okay, a lot of times), I miss old-school blogging. Back before there were ads and sponsors, before there were “audiences” and “influencers,” when people just kept their journals online, and we all read them and learned things and were happy.

Maybe it’s time to bring that back. For those of us who are tired of seeing every blogger write about the same products, all within the same month (coincidence? I think not); for those of us who just want to read about the lives of other interesting people (and see what they eat!); for those of us who write to update our moms and our old friends who refuse to join social media but still look at our blogs for updates (hi Linds!).

I often think I can’t blog because I have nothing to say – but the truth is, I have plenty to say. It just may not be trendy or influencing or beautiful or Insta-worthy or profitable.

This blog started as my online journal, 13 years ago – a web log: a blog. Back when we were all on Blogger; when we all somehow knew each other; when a “meme” was just a list of nerdy questions we asked each other. Over the years, the internet got kinda crazy, and I felt like I didn’t belong on it any more. I was fine with Snapchat until I wasn’t; with Facebook until I wasn’t; with Instagram until I wasn’t. But in the end, this little blog is still here, my journal, my personal space, my non-taggable, unlinked, non-monetized space.

So – hi mom! Hi Linds! Hi J! Want to hear about the boring things I’ve been up to? 😀

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