Music week

Austin is officially swarming with music fans. The traffic is insane downtown, and South Congress is teeming with long-haired, laid-back music types wearing all black and big sunglasses. It’s fun.

It’s been great working at the shop with live music right outside our door. This afternoon Pam, the owner of Plume, sang her heart out, and did it beautifully (as you can see in the photo…she’s too cute!). I was so impressed with her voice! Silky smooth and a bit haunting.

So I’ve been busy at the shop, and unwinding at night, and I haven’t cooked or crafted much. Well, that’s not true…tonight I made a sopa with kale in it, but it doesn’t differ much from one that I’ve already posted, so I didn’t bother taking a photo. And I finished a craft I’ve been working on for ages, but I can’t post it until my friend sees it, as it’s a very belated birthday gift. But soon! Soon I’ll post the goodies I’ve been working on. And soon I’ll cook something. I think.

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  1. Yea, I also work downtown and getting anywhere near congress street is nearly impossible… fun to see the people… but imposible. I have never been to the music part of SxSW but I did managed to go to their site and download the 750+ free songs for my ipod! Wooohoo! Good stuff let me tell ya! 🙂

  2. I’ve been staying far away from the SX madness, but I may venture downtown this weekend. Will you be working then? Oh—and I made your mama’s banana pudding and it is fantastic!

  3. I’m so glad you liked it, Lisa! It’s very comforting. 🙂 I’ll be working Saturday afternoon, 2-ish to 6-ish. Come see me! I mean, come see the music! 🙂

  4. That’s so crazy- I just got an email yesterday announcing a surprise performance by my fave band, Over the Rhine down there. I hope you got to hear them- they’re fabulous. If not see

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