Just for fun

I’ve been having fun creating little updates for my blog, which you can find in the sidebar on the right. Basically, sometimes I don’t have time or energy for a full post, and so I fiddle with small things. I know that many of you are internet-saavy and have probably already perused these doo-dads, but I wanted to note these changes for my mama and others who might be reading. 🙂 

From top to bottom:

What I’m doing, in brief, usually updated daily.

The most recent books I’ve read. Click on the GoodReads link and you can see books I’m currently reading and books I want to read.

The most recent photos uploaded to my Flickr page. I don’t update this as often as I’d like.

Movies I’ve been watching
The four most recent films I’ve watched, with links to their imbd.com pages.

Eating and drinking lately
Recent meals or snacks or other interesting foodstuffs that may not make it to a full post.

Under the heading poco-cocoa stuff:

Music I love
A playlist updated semi-regularly of songs I’m currently listening to. What I like about this playlist is that you can actually listen to all the songs in full, for free.

My Daily Mugshot
I haven’t been doing this as religiously lately, but usually this is a daily photo of yours truly. You can view this as a Mugshow, which will flip through the photos continuously, or in Mosaic View, where you can enlarge each photo as you go.

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