I love my shoes

Now, I love my job, but after five or six hours of standing on hard tiled floors, I was coming home with an achy lower back and tired feet. I had been wearing my Nike Shox, and I figured they would do the job, but not so. By Saturday afternoon, I sounded like I was 40 years older than I am…every time I bent over or sat down or got up, I would “ooooh” or “umph.”

So Saturday evening I went shopping for shoes. I really wanted a pair of Pony 400ms, but I knew they wouldn’t solve the problem. Same for the Pumas, Diesels, and Steve Maddens (but oh how cute they are!). I decided to look past fashion and go for comfort. (Who ever heard of such a thing?)

Maybe I looked waaaaay past fashion…I present to you…my Crocs. I love my Crocs. At first glance, they may seem…well…hideous. But they sort of grow on you. They’re super comfortable and ultra-light (they only weigh a few ounces), and after a little research, I found out that they’re slip resistant and anti-microbial (no smelly feet!). They have massaging little squishies on the soles, and holes on top for ventilation. I looked at the grey, brown, and black ones, since they were a little less unusual, but another woman who was also shopping for Crocs made an excellent point when she said, “They’re crazy shoes! You’ve gotta get a crazy color!” I thought this was very true. There’s no hiding this shoe’s funkiness. So I picked orange. (Although I am thinking of getting a black pair to wear around town…)

You’ve gotta try them! Even if you hate how they look, you just have to feel the little squishies under your feet. I’m still cooking five or six hours a day, but no backaches, no tired feet, no “umphs.” Well, maybe my feet are a little tired (wouldn’t want to convince Justin I never need a foot massage)…

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