Hooray, hooray!

Last fall, when I decided not to blog anymore (silly me), we switched servers at home, and were unable to get back all those posts from the past. So when I started blogging again this year, my little blog looked new, with no previous posts. This was very sad to me, because this blog is like my diary, and I missed having access to those old posts.

Well, my lovely husband worked his tail off to figure out the coding and all that technical mumbo jumbo, and voila! The old posts are back! I am SOOOO excited about this. At the moment, there are a few major differences that I can see:

1. Some of the posts are missing their photos. I plan to go back and re-attach those.

2. The posts have been re-numbered, which means any of your old links to recipes will probably not link to the correct post.

3. The recipe index is NOT working yet, as the links are all mis-numbered. I plan to re-work that and get it working for you (and me) soon.

4. The posts aren’t categorized yet. Again, I’ll work on that.

So hooray, hooray, for husbands who slave away on their wives’ blogs. 🙂 Thank you, my love.

4 responses to “Hooray, hooray!”

  1. yeah JUSTIN! yeah POCO!

    i’m glad your most of you body of work is available, it was missed–

    and i can’t wait for those recipes again, of course AFTER j takes a break!

  2. Hooray indeed! When you announced you were closing the site last year, I printed about a hundred of your recipes. Just the other night I was looking for your roasted broccoli recipe and I couldn’t find it. I thought to myself, I wish poco-cocoa still had her archives…and here they are. So glad you are back and thanks to Justin!

  3. Dude I’m out of the loop but I am so glad you are back blogging! Um, and now I want cookies. Thanks. 😉

  4. So glad you guys are still here. I’m working on those archives for ya! 🙂

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