(Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode, with the belly-button girl? “Hellloooooo!”)

Hi friends. I’ve been gone. I’ve been tumbling off and on (it’s so fun!), but mostly, I’ve been away from the computer. Yikes! I have hundreds of unread posts in my Google Reader, and I’m afraid I have no idea what you all have been up to. I haven’t tweeted in 9 days. I only just noticed that I had unread comments today… so sorry about that!

Here’s a rundown of my recent goings-on:

  • I’ve been sick. I’ve had a lingering cold for-like-ever, and I’m tired of it! Cough cough, sniffle sniffle. It makes me exhausted every day, and plus it’s just annoying. So I finally decided to go see my doctor tomorrow to make sure there’s no funny business.
  • I haven’t been cooking. Partially because I have been sick and icky, and partially because I’ve been lazy. We’ve eaten out entirely too much this month, and now it’s time to get back in the kitchen! I’m excited because my Farmhouse Delivery next week is supposed to include watermelon and basil and tomatoes and corn… hooray for summer produce!
  • Speaking of summer, it’s been HOT. I don’t like hot. 
  • So I think I told you that I got a promotion, but last week was my first real week in my new position. I’ve moved across the building, where everything is just a little bit different. Not bad-different, just different. I’m learning how to juggle more projects, and how to let go of others. It’s been challenging, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. It seems like before I know it, people are saying goodnight, and it’s already after 5:00, and I’m still plugging away. It’s good to be busy, but it’s also tiring.
  • Justin has been working nonstop on “renovating” the garage into a studio. Now it has actual walls and ceiling tiles, and a couple of desks for his design work and my sewing. It even has a little air conditioner! We want to get a couple of table easels and some paint, because I recently discovered that I like painting! He even made a little partition in the front for parking our scooters. All this on top of his regular “chores”… as a work-from-home husband, he keeps the house clean, the kitties fed, the litterbox cleaned, the bed made… He’s just cool like that, and no, you can’t have him.
  • Probably most exciting, my friend Andy came over to revamp my closet. She is just starting a styling business, and she’s brilliant. She waltzed into my bedroom, took everything out of my closet, put outfits together like I never had imagined I could, accessorized everything with items I already had, and made suggestions for items to look for. We took photos of the outfits, and now I just flip through my Evernote every day to pick out what I feel like wearing – no stress at all. I have gotten more compliments at work this week than I can count! Who knew that I had such great pieces in my closet, just waiting to be thrown together? Who knew that I have inadvertently bought SEVEN black dresses? (I hereby solemnly swear that I will not buy black dresses…) Who knew that getting dressed could be so fun? Once she gets her website up, I’ll definitely point you Austinites in her direction. Seriously, folks, she rocks.

So, that’s what’s been up in my world. Change, and illness, and fashion, and life. I hope you all have been well, too!

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  1. Missed you! Hope you get well soon!

  2. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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