Happy Birthday to me!

I’m 32 today! I still feel so much younger, which is a good thing, I suppose.

We started celebrating this weekend, with dinner Friday at Garrido’s, then lunch Saturday at Franklin BBQ, a rusa at F&F, a visit to the Museum of Art downtown to see the Hatch Show Print Exhibit, dinner at The Woodland, and drinks at Fino… then Sunday we shopped for clothes and spent time with Rachel. Today we’re having lunch at Asti and dinner at Fino, so it really couldn’t get any better!

I’ve been reading Susannah’s blog (and taking her Unravelling course), and I’m using two of her great ideas for my birthday. First, I’m choosing a word to focus on this year… something I can always have in mind when making decisions, being creative, and tending to relationships: COURAGE. I want to be brave and take risks… not be afraid to make new friends or use up my Polaroid film or try something new.

I’m also making a list of things I’d like to do by this time next year. I have no idea if I’ll accomplish all of these, but I plan to look at this list often, and again on my birthday next year, to cross off the things I’ve done.

33 Things to do before I turn 33

  1. Give more love
  2. Learn French
  3. Take more film photos
  4. Create an organization system for my film negatives
  5. Practice yoga or stretching every now and then
  6. Take more walks
  7. Be at peace with food
  8. Paint my toenails rainbow colors
  9. Write poetry
  10. Travel to new place
  11. Invite friends over for dinner or dessert
  12. Go to a beach again
  13. Create more rituals (morning, night-time, Sundays)
  14. Go on more me-dates
  15. Keep reading books
  16. Keep blogging
  17. Start a collection
  18. Journal more
  19. Take random days off work to just relax
  20. Keep loving my hair (which basically means keep getting haircuts with Joey)
  21. Organize my recipes
  22. Go to sleep earlier
  23. Wake up earlier
  24. Remember birthdays and holidays
  25. Choose not to gossip or be critical
  26. Keep up my gratitude notebook
  27. Be positive
  28. Toss/organize/clean up at home regularly
  29. Take self-portraits and be more comfortable with my appearance
  30. Pay off debt
  31. Write
  32. Go to the movies at least once a month
  33. Be me

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

4 responses to “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Happy birthday, you awesome person! I love your list… wanna go in together on the Rosetta Stone french version? That or Mandarin… or Japanese…

  2. Happy Birthday dear!
    I think I’ll do the very same when my b-day comes, in May – a nice list of things to accomplish before the next one. Great idea.

  3. oh! I’m late! Happy Birthday Crystal. I love your list- I hope you have the courage to complete it all! [and have fun while doing so]

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