Granny Square(ish)

So…I’m still struggling on the crochet front. These were my first two attempts at a granny square. They’re more like granny circles. And my first attempt at crocheting a simple square using single and double crochet? It was a trapezoid. I’m not giving up, though. It took me a while to get comfortable with knitting, so I know I just need some time. At the moment crocheting is anything but relaxing, because I’m so focused on trying to find the right hole to stick my needle through that my forehead is all crinkled and my tongue is sticking out.

My sister did this meme a couple of days ago, and I thought I’d give it a shot.

Ten simple things that make me smile and say “Life is good!”

1. Kisses from my love.
2. Rainy days.
3. Swimming in Barton Springs.
4. Getting mail.
5. Taking an afternoon nap.
6. Sipping chai with soymilk and sugar.
7. Sitting on our little patio at night.
8. Walking to the neighborhood grocery store.
9. Hearing my kitty-cat purr.
10. Caramel pot de creme from Fino.

I just looked at the online menu for Fino, and I’m crushed…they no longer offer my beloved dessert. Tragedy! Maybe I can make a special request for it…

I think today is a papercraft day. Happy Tuesday!

4 responses to “Granny Square(ish)”

  1. I am impressed with your crochet! I am also teaching myself how to crochet but my square turned into a ball of yarn. Rainy days rule!

  2. I am a self taught crocheter (is that a word. . . probably not) I enjoy it more in the winter when it is cool.
    Your granny square is very good for starting out. . .

  3. It looks like you are forgetting to chain one in the corners between the cluster of 3 double crochet. If you need any help feel free to email me. Being able to see what you’re doing (ie a pict of a square) helps diagnose long distance! I’ve taught many to crochet. When I lived in DC I taught all the ladies in my townhouse courtyard to crochet during the blizzard of ’96 and I helped at an afterschool crafts program in the inner-city school in which I was teaching. You’re tension looks better in the second row. Keep with it. If you can knit you can do this. You just have to get a rhythm. Feel free to email if you need help. I love reading your blog! Wendy

  4. Thanks, guys! Wendy, I’m so glad to have an expert on my side…the next time I try it out I may shoot you an email. At the moment I’m finishing a scarf I started knitting forever ago, but after that I may try crochet again.

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