Look at it. Isn’t it pretty? Have you ever seen a wrist so wonderful? Oh, how I’ve missed my wrist. And oh, how I’m glad to have that cast off.

The doctor said it’s all better. And that was that. Now I’m left with a slightly scrawny (because you all know how buff I was before) arm, with chapped, dry skin and achy joints. I’m unable to flex it very far, and I learned today that pushing a grocery cart can be quite painful, but it’s feeling better by the minute.

I can’t believe how fast I can type now! The only problem is that I got used to hitting the space bar with my left hand, so now I’m using both thumbs, putting two spaces between words and getting ahead of myself.

Tonight, I’m going to put lotion on my left arm, which was so unreachable before. I’m going to wash my hands, both of them, over and over again. I’m going to write my name in cursive. I’m going to chop something with my chef’s knife. And, unfortunately, I’m going to wash dishes. It’s the price you pay for freedom.

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  1. hey, it looks great just a little wrinkle but it works. I am glad that your wrist is all better now. love you mom

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