Five Senses Friday: Special Edition

Hi everybody! Today’s Five Senses Friday is brought to you by the letter J. As in Justin. Because TODAY IS JUSTIN’S BIRTHDAY!! He’s 19. Plus a few.

First, a letter.


Dear Justin’s mom and dad,

Thanks for having Justin. Thanks for loving him so much, and for raising him to be a caring, generous, smart, funny, independent, wonderful person. Thanks for being good-looking, because he’s pretty darn gorgeous. Thanks for living in that little town in West Texas, so that we could meet there when I moved there in high school. Thanks for letting him be in sports and theater and all the things he loves. Thanks for being so welcoming to me when I completely claimed him as my own during our senior year in high school. Thanks for never kicking me out of your house, even when I had been there alllll day. Thanks for letting him go, for encouraging him to become whoever it is he needed to become. Thanks for paying for tuition for him to go to college, because he rocked it, and now he’s an awesome designer because of it. Thanks for being understanding about all the choices we’ve made together. Thanks for having a wonderful marriage, because Justin learned from that, and he has made our marriage amazing.

Love you,



And now, five senses of Justin.

Baby, I love:

Smelling: The bedroom right after you shower, because I can smell your soap and your shampoo and your lotion and I know it’s you.

Seeing: Your amazing smile, especially that little dimple on your left cheek.

Tasting: Your lips after you put on lip balm and I always tell you that you taste like marshmallows. In a good way.

Hearing: Your laugh, and your semi-silent laugh when you think you’re laughing too hard and try to cover it up.

Feeling: The safety and perfection of being in your arms.

Happy birthday, my handsome prince. I am so proud to be your wife.

6 responses to “Five Senses Friday: Special Edition”

  1. This is the cutest post, ever ever ever. I’m so jealous. Actually, I’m not, cos I might have the same thing… ;] Love the semi-silent laugh thing. (And I got so confused about the 19 years old thing hahhaa)

    1. Ha! Yes, he was 19 years and years ago… 😉

  2. Awe! I love it! Happy Birthday Eskie!

  3. oh, wow!
    you know what’s great about posts like these? they’re contagious!
    i can’t help but thinking about all the lovely things i am thankful for when i read your thank-you posts!
    so thank you… 🙂 and happy birthday, justin! tante belle cose!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that… I think we all need more positive thoughts in our lives. Justin says thank you for the birthday wishes! And also, I found you on twitter! 🙂

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