It’s 1:00 a.m. I have to be at work in about 6 hours. And yet I’m sitting here, blogging, listening to my brand new CD, and swimming in the smooth voice of my new crush, Slaid Cleaves.

Oh, the poignancy of his lyrics! The unbelievable crispness of his voice! The easy, approachable attitude he carries! Why wouldn’t I have a crush on him? It was inevitable. I was seduced by the dark, cozy room, the tiny tables, the closeness of friends at the Cactus Cafe. The iced water was perfect, the bartender was friendly, and I had front row seats. The opening act, Sam Baker, with his raspy voice and face exquisitely sculpted with age and experience, captured my attention immediately. I was in love with the place, the sound, the vibration in my feet from the strumming guitars. And then Slaid Cleaves went on stage.

This everyday man opened his mouth and drew me in, to float on his velvet voice, to be a character in his believable, down-to-earth, stinging stories. Song after song, I loved him more and more. And then, he yodeled. Be still, my heart!

You can find him on itunes. My current favorites include Broke Down, Wishbones, Lydia, Horses, Breakfast in Hell, and Drinkin’ Days. His folk music is Austin.

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  1. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! Beautifully writte ! I am adding your link to mine!

  2. Thanks, Rorie! I’m blushing…

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