Comfort, and acceptance

People of the internet world, I am here to say that life is good.

I’ve been crazy busy, trying to keep up with classes and labs and marriage and exercise and pets and cleaning and meals and work and friends and family… and it’s been so hard to manage my time between all those things. I’ve had to let some things go… and that’s always hard for me. I want to do it all! I want to cook from scratch, and be a good friend and wife and daughter, I want to make an A in this chemistry class, I want to exercise and blog and read and be a great employee. I want it all!

Alas, I must accept that I cannot have it all. Not right now. My poor brain is stretched to its limits, with stereochemistry and chirality and hybridization of atoms. It cannot also hold massive to-do lists and birthdays and elaborate plans for menus and crafts and handwritten letters. 

So I’m trying to convince my brain that it’s okay to slow down. It’s okay if I miss a birthday or two. Or three. (Happy birthday Bella and Dad E. and Gary P.!) It’s okay if we don’t have elaborate meals (though I have recently made this and super-cute chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting). It’s okay if I take a break from friends. It’s okay if I make a B in chemistry. Well, I’m still struggling with that one, but I’m trying.

Anyway, tonight there’s lentil soup on the stove with pork kielbasa stirred in, and a loaf of banana nut bread in the oven. I’ve printed my chemistry practice exam, and I’ll take a look at it later (or tomorrow). I’m drinking a glass of cold Rodney Strong Chardonnay, and waiting for my love to walk in the door from his latest magazine event. Tomorrow is a new day, and my family will still love me, my friends will still support me, and I will be the best me I can be. And life will be good.

5 responses to “Comfort, and acceptance”

  1. A day at a time is the only way to go…mom says hi

  2. You are a beautiful human being and I love you!

  3. We missed you at the wedding event tonight. It is important to take care of yourself first. Finding balance is a constant challenge for me, but it sounds like you are finding the right mix for you.

  4. and we will be here, whenever you want to visit–

    proud of you, crystal, for focusing your energies on something challenging and directed… funny how hard work always makes the stuff and people that REALLY make you happy that much easier to figure out, too!

    now, the best thing i’ve learned in growing a bit older is that good enough sometimes really IS just that, and anything more isn’t necessary. and if you’re a perfectionist that means your good enough will ALWAYS be better than most, so smile and be proud that you care about so much in this world, and it shows. we gals need to remind one another not to overdo it!

    so pop in when you have something to share or just a hello, no blogging formalities expected, friends never need apologies for real life! : )

    enjoy the brain expansion…

  5. Thanks, guys. You’re the best. 🙂

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