A to Z

Saw this on IncogKnito and thought it sounded fun…

Random A to Z from me to you.

A is for Annie’s Cafe, my new favorite place, with fabulous drinks, fun bartenders, great food, live jazz, and a zinc bar.

B is for Boots in the Oven, our new fab foodie friends who also happen to just be rockin’ people.

C is for Castle, a cute whodunit TV show that I found this weekend on the internet and now can’t get enough of.

D is for the decade of marriage that Justin and I will be celebrating next Friday. I love you, baby!

E is for Evernote, because I love it so very, very much. It keeps my thoughts organized.

F is for Fino, my other favorite Austin haunt, with Bill behind the bar, Jason in the kitchen, and Brian managing it all… delicous food and cocktails.

G is for GoodReads, where I keep track of all the books that I devour.

H is for Hawaii, where we’ll be in less than 2 weeks!! I can’t wait!!

I is for island paradise… see H.

J is for Justin, my husband of nearly 10 years, my best friend, the most beautiful man on earth, my support, my strength, my sanity.

K is for Kit-Kat, which is one of my many nicknames for our older cat, Roux.

L is for Little, our cute and teeny tiny black cat.

M is for making chocolate chip cookies, which is what I’m doing now.

N is for napping, my favorite weekend activity.

O is for Oahu… did I mention we’ll be there VERY SOON?

P is for Post Secret, which I read every Sunday.

Q is for Queen of Eating and Drinking Very Good Things (that would be me).

R is for rain, which we really, really, really need here in Austin. 🙁

S is for Soulemama, one of my favorite blogs ever. So inspiring.

T is for “Too Late Baby” by Carole King, which is playing on my iTunes at this very moment. Just before that it was Smashing Pumpkins.

U is for Urban Weeds, a way cool street fashion blog in Portland, Oregon that I love.

V is for vanilla soymilk, which I can’t live without.

W is for Waikiki… I mentioned that we’re going there soon, right?

X is for X-Men, which I used to watch when I was little. I wanted to be Rogue.

Y is for yoga, which I haven’t done in forever, but would really like to get back to.

Z is for zzzzzzzzzzzz… I stayed up all night last night after drinking a latte at 1:00 a.m. Lesson learned, now I’m exhausted.


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  1. Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  2. Thank you so much for the link!

  3. Thank you for including a link to me from your post. Also, I enjoyed the letters “p” and “s”. I was working in a bookstore when the first book came out and I remember all the hype about it. Thanks for reminding me about it!

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