5 Foods

I’ve been tagged by Kickpleat, Connie, and Pearl for this meme, so I suppose it’s time to do it.

There is no way I could pick the top five things to taste before you die, so consider this list…

5 things off the top of my head that I’d love for you to taste someday:

1. Locally-made frozen desserts. My favorites? Cherry Ristra ice cream from Taos Cow in Taos, New Mexico; dark chocolate ice cream with Kit-Kat crushin’s or Mexican vanilla ice cream with graham crackers, strawberries, and cinnamon from Amy’s Ice Cream in Austin, Texas; and chocolate sorbet from Dolce Vita in Austin, Texas.

2. Homemade flour tortillas. There is nothing more comforting than watching your mom and grandma make tortillas, and knowing that they’ll let you snag a hot one to slather with butter and eat before dinner. (Though you can never eat the first one…it’s bad luck, I think.)

3. New Mexican enchiladas. Enchiladas are a whole new world in New Mexico, where the sauces are made in a unique style with tons of real chiles. My recommendation? An order of stacked cheese enchiladas with Christmas sauce (both red and green sauce), topped with two over-easy eggs. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Top that off with a thick New Mexican sopaipilla, and you’re in heaven.

4. These chocolate chip cookies. I swear, they are the best homemade chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever tried. Perfectly thick, chewy, and amazing when still warm from the oven.

5. Fresh Kettle Corn. Here in Austin, every first Thursday of the month, vendors and crowds gather on South Congress Avenue for shopping, eating, and live music. The best thing there? The little kettle corn trailer that hands out samples of hot-off-the-popper sweet-salty popcorn. Sooooo good.

It seems like everyone’s already done this meme…maybe Michelle, Lindsay, and/or Vidya would like to try?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

7 responses to “5 Foods”

  1. mmmmm…. chocolate chip cookies! I haven’t tried that recipe… danger, danger!

  2. Oops. I was the incognito chocolate chip cookie poster. And now I really want a chocolate chip cookie………

  3. Thanks for the Austin foodie tips! I will have to check out Dolce Vita for sure. Also, as a New Mexican kid myself…Christmas is SO the way to go. 🙂

  4. i’ve never had kettle corn and now i guess i must try it! i love salty-sweet combos. and that cookie recipe looks amazing!

  5. I have visited your blog in the past and so enjoyed your posts about the apron swap – which I’m dying to join next time. I LOVE your list of 5 foods, especially your lavish (and true) description of New Mexican Enchiladas.
    I grew up in NM, and recently moved back here. I have warm memories of watching my grandma Taffy roll tortillas into perfect balls before she put them on her cast iron griddle and then gave me a hot one, dripping with butter.
    Thanks for the memories!!

  6. I live in N.M. now and it took me awhile to appreciate New Mexican food. The Taos Cow ice cream was yummy from the first, though. Isn’t it funny how home/region defines the foods you love and some of your most favorite memories? I grew up in Hawaii and find myself craving poi, lau lau, a’ama crab, bento lunches and mochi ice cream….

  7. I’m so happy to see that so many people have New Mexico ties! I do miss it, and its sopaipillas, and green chiles, and… 🙂

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