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Saturday in Portland

September 9, 2012

Today it was slightly cooler out, though the locals still thought it was too hot. At 84 degrees. (Sigh. I wish we had 84 degree summers in Austin!)

i hid the bat in justin’s pants pocket as i was putting away laundry last week :: he made his way to portland!

in the 2nd floor lobby of our hotel, a pop-up concert :: her voice was a trumpet, a heartbreak, a memory

espresso con panna from stumptown

it looked so pretty on the lobby table

after some walking around town, we headed to the portland saturday market :: these flowers were so pretty

being on the willamette reminded me of new orleans somehow :: except with jet skis

this is my “don’t take my photo” face

i think it’s time to dye my hair :: and get a tattoo

cutest sign at the market

my love

kalua pig plate lunch :: poke :: kimchi :: mai tai :: dark and stormy :: we love this place

look, dad! they still have arco here!

the locals

gorgeous display outside the supercute woodsman market

adding to my collection

justin’s birthday present :: i don’t know what this is but he loved it

dinner at grüner :: potato croquettes stuffed with raclette :: tomatoes with freekeh, kale chiffonade and creme fraiche :: liptauer with radishes and pretzel croutons :: ricotta zucchini dumplings :: maultaschen :: fantastic

after dinner we headed back to powell’s for more book shopping

of note: restaurants don’t put ice in their water here

good night!

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  1. Alexis says:

    It looks like you two are having a lovely time:) Unfortunately you missed the “cold front” that blew into Texas this weekend, where the first cool day of the season is playing tricks on us. It’s glorious. Enjoy your time!!!

  2. I love these Portland snapshots! You’re so great at creating that airy, dreamy feel of traveling to a wonderful place. Fun!

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