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June 24, 2009

Summer is:

  • Tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes
  • Apriums, sweet and juicy
  • Hot, hot, hot
  • Worrying for months about not being tanned enough, but worrying even more about getting skin cancer, which means never getting tanned
  • Popsicles made from strawberry lemonade
  • Monday night at the movies (so far we’ve watched Up and Away We Go)
  • Days at my friend’s pool
  • Electric bills that are way too high
  • Impatience with my 13-year old car’s inability to cool down fast enough
  • Choosing parking in the shade over parking near the door
  • Wearing a huge sweater at work because the air conditioning is so cold
  • Dreaming about autumn (which will never come in Austin)

And I want to remember to:

  • Drive our scooters to the sno-cone stand
  • Hike the greenbelt and swim at Sculpture Falls
  • Walk down to Cheap-o records to buy vinyl
  • Take late-night strolls
  • Take at least one dip in Barton Springs pool, even though it’s too cold
  • Buy striped socks and tights for the fall
  • Eat watermelon and cantaloupe and sweet corn and lots of tomatoes
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