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A few of my favorite things

July 31, 2006

1. These Mexican Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars, from a recipe on Joe’s blog. Chocolatey-cinnamony, with a wonderful pecan crunch. I did break my food processor making these, but it was probably time for a new one anyway. 🙂

2. Joe’s blog, Culinary in the Desert. It’s unbelievable how often Joe cooks! And every Wednesday he makes baked goodies for his partner’s coworkers. He uses a lot of Cooking Light recipes, and takes fabulous photos.

3. Little Birds. Stephanie is so creative, and she makes crafting look so easy. Her children, Mia and Miles are just adorable, and her posts are always so inspiring. I have so many of her posts bookmarked, it’s insane. I have actually gone back and re-read every one of her posts. Twice.

4. My friend Pearl over at Humanyms has just started a food blog called Eaten Up, in which she posts what she ate for dinner that day. I love her dinners…one night it’s red quinoa with peas, mashed potatoes, and roasted vegetables, another it’s Chai French toast. Too fun.

5. Weekend breakfasts, cooked by my love.

6. Seeing these taco cups on my sister’s blog, and remembering exactly how the barbecue cups tasted when I was little.

7. Getting mail from Vancouver or West Texas or Portugal.

8. Doing this crossword every day.

9. Reading this site EVERY Sunday.

10. Project Runway.

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4 Discussion to this post
  1. sally says:

    Love your list!

  2. Anonymous says:

    #1 i am not a breakfast girl, but that picture is heavenly!

    #2 you must share more info about the BBQ cups–these cups are really getting me thinking about new ideas!

    stay cool, pc!

  3. Elizabeth Bugay says:

    Yummy! Those bars look delicious. I love Project Runway and check the Blogging Project Runway site every day. Carry on!

  4. Pearl says:

    That’s your sister?! Cooking is strong in your blood.

    Joe’s squares look amazing. I have to check out his blog.

    Do you know 52 projects?

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