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It’s a girl!

April 30, 2005

Congratulations to Rene and Rochelle Carlin, proud parents of new foodie-to-be, Penelope Lucia Carlin. She was born on April 25 and is currently being spoiled by her one and only aunt, Leti.

I got to hold Penelope for a bit on Friday afternoon, and she was definitely cuddly and cute, with super-long fingers and toes (and tons of hair!). She opened her eyes for a few minutes, and gave me that newborn stare…I always feel like when a newborn looks into your eyes (even if they can’t focus yet), they seem to be so wise, as if they’ve seen and experienced all of the world, and are taking a breath before this new life.

Anyway. Just wanted to share the news and the cute baby photo with everyone, and to say congratulations to the whole Carlin family!

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2 Discussion to this post
  1. Mom Rivera says:

    The baby is beautiful!…Congratulations to everybody I am sure Leti will make a very good aunt! Love, Mom

  2. Michelle says:

    AAAWWWW Man! she is adorable! Wish I could hold her now. Ok Crys, go hold her another time for me! Congratulations to the Carlin Family!

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