Sending out cheer

This year, Justin and I decided to make our own Christmas cards. I don’t send cards out every year…some years Christmas sneaks up on me and is over before I know it, and most years we head to West Texas to be with parents and it seems there’s not enough time for holiday preparations. Since we’re staying in Austin this year, we’ve decorated the apartment, put up stockings (even one for Roux!), and sent out cards. It’s been so much fun!

I found the idea and instructions for this project here. I gathered the ribbon and blank cards from Hobby Lobby, and used pinking shears to make the ribbon edges a bit more fun. Justin has been wanting to sew on paper for ages, so I spent some time teaching him to use the sewing machine, and he stitched on all the ribbons. We used teensy snowflake stickers from my sticker stash, then wrote personalized messages in each. As we were making these together, Justin said, “This is the most Christmasy I’ve felt in a long time.” I’m hoping that Christmas card-making will be a yearly tradition for us…it’s the perfect collaborative project. I wonder if he’d be interested in making valentines…

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  1. thanks for the card, i loved it! and now hearing the story behind it [especially the part about Justin wanting to sew on paper] made me smile and appreciate it all the more

  2. I love the card… but most of all the ‘bes message’ hahaha I loved it! Absolutely perfect! And a bes ohten to all and weis bhoten too!! (yes… im the crazy brother and brother-n-law)

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