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Why poco-cocoa?

March 7, 2005

This is us, Justin and Crystal, hopelessly in love with each other and with life itself. Justin has created this blog as a place for me to store all my thoughts and ideas, recipes and crafts (probably because he is hoping to put an end to the piles of sketchbooks and journals scattered around our tiny apartment). poco-cocoa will be just a little bit of my life that I plan to share with you.

I love music, writing, crafts, food, walks in the moonlight, kitty cats, chocolate, and books. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up, and I hope I never do.

Welcome to poco-cocoa, and enjoy!

You can contact me at comments(at)poco-cocoa(dot)com.

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Discussion about this post
  1. Joey E. says:

    Bes! Welcome to the blog world… finally! :P It looks great and I am totally excited for you and this site. I can’t wait to see all the updates on it. I will share with you any tips and tricks I have discovered in my 2 years of keeping and maintaining a blog. mmmmm…chocolate! :) Talk to you later!

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