Gelateria Gemelli


Let’s not talk about how I actually cried because this place was out of chocolate gelato.

gemelli3 copy

Let’s talk about how good their chocolate gelato is. And an affogato made with Vietnamese iced coffee gelato.


And a gin-prosecco-sorbet cocktail that is too easy to drink.


Maybe I want my entire house to be decorated in black and white subway tile.


Maybe I want to invite my friends over and make them negronis and spritzes and just let the day pass in happiness.

There’s that.

Weekend Moments, June 8

It’s been a very long time (years!) since I’ve done a weekend moments video. It’s just bits of the weekend, captured with my iPhone – going back through these old videos always makes me so happy. So I’m hoping to re-start this tradition!

Highlights of this weekend:

  • We visited Licha’s, which usually we love, but this time there were a zillion flies, and the food just wasn’t as good as usual, so meh.
  • My parents came to visit! We met them for breakfast at Mi Tierra in San Antonio (Pork with red chile! Mariachis! Candy!), then shopped around the mercado for a bit before heading back to Austin.
  • I made this really weird snack of crackers with butter, strawberry jam, and salsa. It’s really good. I think it comes from this memory of being at my friend’s house when I was a kid, and we had saltines with butter and peach salsa for a snack. Weird but good.
  • We celebrated our friend David’s graduation with an awesome crawfish boil at their place. Kate of course made amazing muffulettas, as if a giant table of crawfish wasn’t enough. ;)
  • We had dinner with my parents at an oldie-but-goodie for us: Schlotzsky’s. Did you grow up eating Schlotzsky’s? Man, I love that bread. And this one had a crazy futuristic soda machine that is probably in every fast food place now, and I just don’t know it. You can choose like ANY soda ever. I ended up getting vanilla Barq’s root beer, which was so good.
  • We had breakfast on Sunday morning with my parents at Counter Cafe. I had cheesy grits with collards and bacon, topped with poached eggs. After a few good shakes of salt, it was pretty good. Justin and my dad chose the right thing – straight up biscuits and gravy.
  • Sunday was super lazy. I cooked up some chard and eggplant and rice and bits of things for dinner, then we watched Game of Thrones. Things be gettin’ crazy up in Westeros, yo.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Weekend Moments, June 8, 2015 from Crystal Esquivel on Vimeo.

Letters #21


Dear Husband,

Today I was driving to the studio and I saw a guy on a scooter in front of me, and then I realized it was you, and then my heart got all fluttery. Thanks for still making my heart flutter after all these years. And thank you for scooping the litter box.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for making my birthday so much fun. I was a little freaked out about turning 37, because when I was little, 37 sounded so very old, and also when you were 37 you definitely shouldn’t have a blog or feel like a kid or sometimes wish you could be small and get tucked into bed. But I am 37, and I still do all those things, and so 37 isn’t so bad after all.

Dear Spring,

Thank you for coming slowly and smoothly, and for bringing sweet breezes and leaves on the trees and those weird purple flowers that smell like bad grape flavoring but that are still pretty. I hope you stay around a bit and don’t get bullied by the Austin summer that I know is right around the corner.

Dear Parking Enforcement Officer,

I’m sad that my parking sticker was expired by 10 minutes, and you left a parking ticket on my car. I was having so much fun eating cheddar cheese ice cream sandwiches and chicken skewers with my friends, and the temperature was just right, and we had to give goodbye hugs and promise to get together again soon, and that takes time, and so I was late. Please take those types of things into consideration for the next car you ticket.

Dear Dentist,

I’m so sorry I completely forgot about my appointment today, but I’m not really really sorry because although you’re nice, I hate pretty much everything about going to the dentist. See you soon.

Food Trend: Caramel Slice


So this trend isn’t a new one – any Aussie should recognize the Caramel Slice. Here in the U.S., this might be labeled a bar cookie – like a brownie or a lemon bar – but in Australia and New Zealand, they’re referred to as slices.

I don’t remember where I first heard of slices, but I was so intrigued by them that I did a bit of research. I found out that the caramel slice became popular in the 70s, and one of the first mentions of it in print was in The Australian Women’s Weekly in 1981. Lots of Australian bakeries have caramel slice on hand, and lots of moms make it at home. It’s one of those sweets that shows up in Junior League-type cookbooks.

There are lots of slice traditional types – vanilla slice (there’s even a vanilla slice baking contest!), hedgehog slice, cherry ripe slice, lemon slice – but the one that grabbed my attention was the caramel slice. So I made it!

I found several recipes, and all called for golden syrup (and specifically Lyle’s). It’s not an ingredient I’ve ever used before (or ever seen in a recipe), but I found it at Central Market and got to baking.

Caramel slice is kind of like Millionaire’s Shortbread – it has layers of a butter shortbread crust, a sweet milky caramel, and dark or milk chocolate. I used this recipe – I didn’t have the right sized pan, so mine came out with pretty thick layers, making it a bit messy to eat. But it’s still delicious – super sweet, but delicious.

I think next I’ll try baking a cherry ripe slice, or maybe a vanilla slice. And truthfully, the most popular slices right now are raw/vegan, which is fascinating to me. At any rate, me + slice = happy. :)