Things on the internet

First of all, Justin and I were featured in a magazine. Apparently we’re “Breakout Stars.” Can you believe it? I think all the clothes I was wearing added up to over $2500, which was a bit scary. I was afraid I’d tear something.

Second, Nicole was sweet enough to feature me and my food habits on her blog! She’s interviewing lots of other people, too – it’s so fascinating to me to read about other people’s eating habits.

So I’m on Twitter, but I rarely tweet. I really only follow funny people who make jokes. Actually, a lot of them are puns, which I didn’t realize that I love and lots of people don’t love. Here are a few of my recent favorites:


Things I want to make:

I just read this post and did the Ideal Day worksheet, and it has me all thinky.

I read this article, and now I’m re-reading In Defense of Food.

Also, I finally found my style muse. Her name is Yasmin Sewell and I want to be her when I grow up.

Yasmin Sewell

Have you seen The People’s Couch? We don’t even watch TV shows, and this is still hilarious. Aimee and Josh showed it to us, and now we’ve been watching it on YouTube since we don’t have cable.

Sunset glasses


This was our first Thanksgiving in years that we’ve spent together, just the two of us. It was so fantastic.


We made crepes for brunch. We watched movies. We made lemonade-gin Jello shots and took them to friends. We took a sunset walk. We sat at a wine bar and sipped and talked. We made pot roast for dinner.


Holidays are always about family, right? But I think sometimes I forget that Justin and I are a family. We don’t have kids, but we’re still a family, just me and him and our two kitty cats.


And this was a lovely family holiday. :)

Farmacies and things


Last week (was it really a week ago already?), we met Aimee & Josh for drinks and things at Hillside Farmacy. That place is so freakin’ cute. Aimee and I agreed that it’s very hard not to keep snapping photos in that place because the light is just so good!

Look at these kids. So cute. That is all.