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Wednesday work day

Just some photos from a plain-old Wednesday working at M├ętier

This has become the usual start to my day: coffee and loading up the POS on the iPad.


We got a new shipment of books in! It’s always so exciting to see the books that I’ve ordered and place them on the shelves.


These knives came in, too. I keep daydreaming about the one on the left.


I brought my coworker J. a macaron. I had to get an Oreo one for myself.


J. is worried that I’ll drink his lemonade and get my germs all over it. So he labeled it. :)


More work at home, but this time with bubbly and a kitty cat to keep me company.


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Our Paris apartment, outdoors

It was so amazing to have a comfortable, beautiful patio to come home to each day. The weather was amazing, so sitting outside, enjoying the breeze, drinking tons of wine, and generally soaking up Paris was fantastic.

Somehow afternoon snacks are infinitely better in Paris. (The baguettes, holy moly the baguettes.)


This was on our last morning, as I tried to absorb as much as possible of the air and smells and feels of Paris.


This was our lovely courtyard, where we saw men twirling strings to play with cats, puppies sitting on doormats, and people leaning out of windows to smoke.


This place felt like home so quickly.

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Long, long ago, I started using Evernote. And one of my first things to save in Evernote was the menu from Buvette, because it was so simple and inspiring and wonderful. And then the owner opened a replica of Buvette NYC in Paris. And then we happened to stay a few blocks away from it, and we happened to visit a shop where the owner said, “You should have lunch at Buvette!” And so, years later, my dream came true.

Oh, Buvette. You are so very me. How cute are you with your stacked plates and displays and loveliness?


With your lovely bar and bowls of eggs and pitchers of water?


With your chalkboard of wine regions and tiny tables?


With your gorgeous menu full of good things?


Which both Justin and I loved?


With beer cocktails…


And lovely spirits?


And your wonderful water carafes and tiny cups?


And your nonchalant bread with a spoonful of soft butter? No big deal, just AMAZING.


And your creamy eggs with asparagus or mushrooms, atop wonderful bread and with the freshest pistou? And a tiny plate of leeks atop a tiny little stand?


And it made me so happy that I actually posed for a photo with my new tiny skull pin from Le Rocketship.


And then the receipt came in this beautifully designed holder, and it was only 39 euros.


WTF, Buvette? How do you rock so much?

P.S. If anyone feels like spending money on me, I would like the Buvette cookbook like NOW. ;)