Trattoria Mario

This lovely place was recommended by our friends Rachel & Logan. It’s tiny, with a bajillion tables crammed in there. You’re seated at whatever seats might be open, even if it’s at a table with another group or couple. We LOVED that. We met a great couple from Scotland who put down so much food we were amazed.

These are my new obsession. I’m on the hunt for these tiny wine glasses that we found at cafes in Firenze and Paris. So sturdy and small!


Justin decided on the bistecca maiale, a perfectly cooked pork chop. I HAD to have the lampredotto sandwich, which was so freakin’ amazing. It’s basically cow stomach, and it rocked. If you like tripe, you’ll probably like lampredotto. It’s less chewy, a bit milder in flavor, and delicious.


We saw another couple order the perfect dessert, so we had to have one, too. This is our new favorite thing (so many favorite things!): cantucci (biscotti) dipped in vin santo (a sweet wine). If you come to our house, you can probably expect this as dessert. As soon as I bake some cantucci.


And this was the bill! Super cheap for two entrees, four glasses of wine, and dessert. Just look at that beautiful 20 euro bill. I miss those lovely things. And I miss spending them on great food.


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  1. YAYYAYYAY! I am so happy you guys went, and that the place looks exactly the same as I remember it (unlike the Mercato Centrale)!

    Logan has a recipe for chocolate cantuccini from his Italian cooking school that I’m sure he’d let you have, if you’d like. 🙂

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