Our Paris apartment.

This is when I post 800 photos of the amazing apartment we stayed in while we were in Paris. It was in Pigalle, just a few streets south of Montmarte, within a few blocks of the Sacre Couer, and near the metro, taxi stand, and a bajillion awesome shops, markets, and restaurants. The door was hidden right on a busy street of cafes, and there was a gorgeous courtyard to walk through before going in the building. It was an anomaly in a building full of tiny efficiencies (we’re talking maybe 150 square feet), with glass walls and a sun-filled kitchen and a private patio of loveliness. The woman who owned the apartment greeted us with a bottle of wine and saucisson, and we loved her immediately. When we return to Paris (which will hopefully be very soon), it would be hard to stay anywhere else.

Glass walls, books near the ceiling, giant art.


Surprising light fixtures – such as a tiny shoe lamp.


Vintage lamps and beautiful art.


Gorgeous seating, lovely art, stacks of French paperbacks.


Giant lanterns to place on the patio at night.


A fur-covered sofa, a beaded beagle, an upside-down chandelier.


The softest fur, vintage lighting, and a gorgeous patio.


Greenery in the kitchen and sculptures holding sugar packets.


Hidden mirrors and more greens.


Art and art and art.


And art.


Lovely vignettes.


We can’t wait to go back.

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