Ex Mauri, aka HEAVEN

I knew we’d be in Milan for a few hours before our flight to Paris, so I did mucho research and found this fantastic restaurant near the station. I made a reservation ahead of time, so when we arrived, they were expecting us. Most of the clientele were stunningly beautiful, amazingly dressed business men and women, and then there was us.

Our waiter (host? owner? nice guy?) asked us to wait just a few more minutes because he had the perfect table that was almost ready for us. He was so excited for us to be there, all the way from good ole’ Texas.

This place. Was so cool. I would go back here in a heartbeat.



“Baby! Sit still right there so I can get a picture of you and the hanging pot and the people behind you!” Justin in the corner!




And the FOOD. People, the FOOD.

Pasta perfectly al dente with pesto bursting with flavor. Creamy risotto all beefy and rich.


Roasted pork, tender and juicy with arugula. Turkey and artichokes with amazing swiss chard.


Again, our waiter was so sad that we were too full for dessert and grappa and limoncello and and and. And we were so sad that this restaurant was so so far away from home.

“Hey baby! Stand still right there under the Campari Soda sign because you love Campari soda!” Justin in the corner!


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