Music Monday

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine is still going – I took today off from work, and I’m LOVING it. I could really get used to three-day weekends. It seems like our weekends usually go like this:

  • Friday – go out to eat, meet friends, have fun
  • Saturday – be lazy at home
  • Sunday – chores and chores and chores

So this weekend I got to split the chores over yesterday and today, and it was so much less stressful and more fun. Today I’m off to return some things, go to the library, ship some things, and stop by the bookstore. And whatever else I find along the way. But first, lunch – I’m thinking fried eggs with homemade tortillas. And tomatoes. 🙂

Here are a few songs I’ve been digging lately.

Elliott Brood – The Valley Town

Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar (How to Make it in America)

The Rolling Stones – Under My Thumb

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