Oh! The cuteness!

During the days W.C. (without computer), I was pretty crafty. I decided to use one of the patches I bought from Fishcakes for a small purse. I had been wanting to sew a bag of some sort for a while, but it always seemed too difficult, or maybe too time-consuming. I was wrong.

I followed this tutorial posted on Craftster, and within a few hours, it was all done. I used a fairly sturdy blue flowered fabric for the outside and the strap, and plain muslin for the lining. I inserted interfacing between the layers, and sewed in velcro to close the bag. After machine-stitching the patch to the outer layer, I hand-embroidered a border to keep it from fraying and, well, because it looks cool.

I am so excited about it, and I have plans to sew another one for my friend Leti, using her own patch. I’d also like to make a larger bag to hold all my crafty things, including my brand-new knitting needles (I’m learning to knit!) and yarn and thread and other such fun doo-dads.

On to the next project!

9 responses to “Oh! The cuteness!”

  1. damn.
    yet another project to add to the list of projects that I THINK I will be doing, but which, apparently, I am not doing.

  2. I love it! Wait until Kourtney sees it! Love you!

  3. Haha – that’s great!

  4. So are so talented! Congrats on making the bag!

  5. i’ve always wanted to make a bag and figured it would be too difficult for someone with my limited sewing abilities. you’ve given me hope! it looks so great 🙂

  6. I NEED to learn how to sew! Where do you go to find fabrics for your projects? I love the blue flowered fabric you chose.

  7. Thanks, guys! Anne–I actually found that fabric in the bargain bin at Hancock Fabrics. Lucky, I guess..I always seem to find something fun in the bargain bin. 🙂

  8. Very cute! And it looks so easy. You are quite the crafy gal, aren’t you?

  9. very cute! “i eat cake”

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