Knitting bag

Ta-dah! This is my new handy-dandy knitting tote. Now that I’m enjoying knitting so much, I want to take my projects with me, on the road, to a crafty gathering, or just to the living room. I tried just carrying it, or using one of my bigger totes that I already had, but you know me, I wanted the perfect tote. So I made one.

I used another patch from Fishcakes, and the tutorial I found on Craftster. I changed a few things, making it a bit bigger and taller, adding swatches of my favorite fabric (that I bought at a tiny shop in Taos, New Mexico) to the front and the strap, and embroidering the edges of the patch with this gorgeous blue thread.

The bag is lined with that wonderful fabric, and has a layer of interfacing for sturdiness. I can’t wait to fill it with my latest project, a scarf made of orange and red fuzzy yarn. I’ll have to post photos soon of the scarves I’ve knitted already…I am totally loving this handmade revolution thing!

3 responses to “Knitting bag”

  1. Very nice! I was thinking about adding a knitting tote to my Christmas wish list and now I’m thinking about it more seriously because I don’t think I could even turn a sewing machine on; forget making a whole bag!

  2. That bag looks great, you have taught yourself well. I am so glad you like crafting. IT Keeps your mind busy and relaxed. Right! love you.

  3. Love it! Very cute! My crafty aunt made me my very own knitting tote, and I love it too.

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