I was crafty!

Check it out…my first curtains! I bought the fabric (I wish you could see the detail…it’s so pretty) a long time ago to replace the old “smoker’s white” curtains that hung in our bathroom. I kept putting off sewing them, because I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and was afraid to screw it up. But this weekend, I put my nose to the sewing machine and whipped these out in an hour or two.

I actually started with the curtain shown below, which covers up our bathroom shelves nicely. I’m glad I did that one first, because I learned from my mistakes and was able to have prettier, more professional-looking hems on the window curtains. Basically, you can’t skip the step of pressing the seams flat.

photo by crystal

So now our bathroom is almost completely decorated…we still have one wall that needs a little something on it, but I’m sure Justin can take care of that with his art skills.

2 responses to “I was crafty!”

  1. Wow, great job! You should see what Corina is making and selling (and sewing). It’s a really cute idea. We’ll send you a picture of one! Later!

  2. Did Reux give his meow of approval? They look great! Here is my solution to making curtains: hang up a pole, throw a sheet over it! BAM! Instant curtains… hehe.. I am 100% sure your curtains are better and awesome. I will have to come over for a visit and see your handy work. So, what’s next on they crafty to-do list?

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