Crafty night

Last night I spent some time at my friend Shara’s place, knitting away. I’m working on a dishcloth…yes, ONE dishcloth. I don’t know how people can knit a few so easily…I’ve been working on this one forever! Anyway, it’s still not done, so you don’t get to see it.

Shara, Miss Nimble-Fingers, embroidered a cute shirt in the time it took me to knit 12 rows. It’s a beet! How cute is that?

This is Batman, Rob and Shara’s cat. He wasn’t too happy about posing for a photo.

Tomorrow’s my birthday. Twenty-eight years old. How is it that I keep getting older, and keep feeling younger? Except for the occasional grunt when getting up from a chair, or the new pudge I’ve found on my tummy and my butt (where did that come from?), I still feel like a kid. A wiser kid, though. I’ve figured out so much about myself in the past year, that I feel like I’m a completely new person.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m traveling to Dallas with Pam, the owner of Plume, to attend Market. From what I can tell, it’s a huge expo of fashion…clothes, shoes, jewelry…from tons of different designers. I’m packing my camera, so you’ll get a peep when I get back on Friday. Until then, enjoy my birthday, everyone! 🙂

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  1. happy birthday! that cat looks seriously angry 😉

  2. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Have a wonderful birthday, and I think you will love Market. I have never been, but had relatives who went all the time. It will be a treasure trove of ideas for a crafty person like you.
    Enjoy your day, and remember that each year everything gets much better. Age is only a number girlie!

  4. Happy Birthday SisNlaw! Biess Biess!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Crafty night is so fun– We seriously need to do it more often! Lovies

  6. Happy birthday mija, we hope you have lots of fun at the market. love you lots!

  7. Happy Birthday–the beet looks great–I can’t wait to see the dishcloth!

  8. Happy Birthday! Keep it up with teh knitting, it gets much faster and easier as you get better, I just started my knitting class and am doing cables it is super exiting but I feel the pain of learning something new to! Cant wait to see how the dishcloth comes out!

  9. Hi, I had a question about your birthday gift for your friend Lindsay. Where did you find the tea bags to fill?? That is such a cute idea!

  10. Thanks everyone! It’s been so crazy here, but I promise I will post soon. The dishcloth is almost done! barbie2be, I think it was either Central Market or Whole Foods, or any grocery store in the boxed tea section, usually on the top shelf. And weezie, if you’re reading, I was able to bring home a menu from Zoot, which told me the basic names of the dishes, and the rest…well…what can I say? I love food! 🙂

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