My boss’s birthday was last week…I usually bake something yummy for office birthdays, but my boss has been adhering to a strict weight loss plan for a while now, and I didn’t want to tempt him with anything sweet. I still wanted to give him something homemade, so I crafted these wine charms for him.

They were a lot of fun to make. I used regular old Shrinky Dink material, cut it into rectangles, and rounded the corners. Then I traced the words (I chose words that are often used to describe wine, and sometimes used to describe people) from a sheet I had printed and colored them in. I punched a hole toward the top and baked according to the directions on the package, and voila! Wine charms. All I had to do then was attach them to a jump ring and a wire loop, which I found in the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby. 

Next time I think I’ll opt for the slightly more expensive but easier-to-use printable Shrinky Dink material, so that Justin can design something fabulous on the computer and I can just print and shrink away. For now, though, I have about eight pages of Shrinky Dink to use up, so I’ll be scouring the web for some fun crafty ideas to draw by hand or trace. I’m liking the whole charm thing…maybe I’ll make some silly pendants or keychains.

Random fun link: 3191…A year of evenings. Gorgeous photographs from two very talented ladies.

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  1. From Austin to Boston to Austin!!! Wow! You’ve done alot lady, but I had a feeling you’d be back. Hope you’re doing great! Much love to you guys.

  2. Ultra cool. I can’t wait to see the next version of these charms!

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