Baby stiches

Just look at this baby! Isn’t she fabulous? This is Freya, the daughter of my friends Courtney and Mark. She’s a little over two months old now, and she’s smiling, holding her head up, and generally looking cute.

I started embroidering onesies for her a few weeks back, and I bought them a size too big so I would have enough time to finish them before she moved on to the next size. This was a Sublime Stitching pattern, but I made three more…an elephant, a penguin, and an octopus. I used one of my trusty Japanese craft books for the design, then free-handed it to make it larger. I suppose I could have used a copy machine, but I was impatient (we don’t have a scanner, either). Doing these made me remember how much I enjoy embroidery…but I seem to run out of things to embroider. You only need so many tea towels, you know?

3 responses to “Baby stiches”

  1. She appears to have edible elbow creases…
    (I’m all about baby creases)

  2. that baby is so pretty

  3. You have many many talents. I admire you and thank you for loving my son.

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