I love links

I’ve finally done it. I created a separate links page to keep track of all the places I like to visit. Okay, not all of them, but some of them. This is a starter list, but I plan to keep updating it with more blogs, shops, food finds, etc. So if you’re bored, click on “Links” over there on the right, either under Tastings or Sweet Sites. I’ve included descriptions of the sites and/or reasons I visit them…hopefully that makes it a little easier for you (rather than just having a random list of blog names). Have fun!

9 responses to “I love links”

  1. Where are all the fun food websites? Like 101 cookbooks, for example? So many sites, so little time….
    I love links lists though–great way to find new sites.

  2. Oh….what fun! There are some links I know of, but some sites I definetly do not know, I’ll have to check them out!! THANKS!

  3. Dear, take a look at my blog about green tea and if you love it you can add a link and I will include you in my blogroll too. Bye 🙂

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