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All the things

March 26, 2014


listening corner with records and a photo of my folks


this cat snuck out of the house today and partied on our patio for a bit while i panicked


me in my last days of 35 years old


nibbled on some cake ends at work


new paint job at F&D


no big deal, just AMAZING porchetta


took myself on a pre-birthday date to jeffrey’s, where everybody knows my name (and my drink order)

Today I am overwhelmed with all the things. I feel blessed with so many opportunities and new beginnings, but they have all come at once and I feel like I’m drowning. Events and partnerships, new gigs, new books, new travel, new expectations. So much for my little brain to hold. Tonight I shall do crosswords and drink more wine. Tomorrow I shall begin to organize this little life of mine.

In other news, this song is in my head.

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