The first time I ever heard of a Reuben sandwich was during debate camp the summer before my senior year. We stayed in the dorms at Baylor University, and one evening we walked over to a diner for dinner with new friends. There was a red-headed guy (what was his name?) who was friendly and nerdy (weren’t we all, as debaters?), and he ordered a Reuben. He explained what it was to us, and we all wrinkled our noses at it. Now I love Reubens.

Today’s crossword clue: Hot sandwich on rye.

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  1. Oh my gosh, yet ANOTHER thing we have in common! I was a high school debater too! I actually went to UT’s debate camp and we stayed at the Castilian. What events did you do? LD was my main event, but I dabbled in CX and extemp.

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