Derby Day!


Every year, we look forward to Derby Day. We get dolled up in our finest and spend the day at a farm drinking mint juleps and cheering on random horses (whichever has the best name) and generally having a great time. This is all thanks to our wonderful friends David and Joe, who host the city’s best Derby Day party every year. (You can see all of our photos here.)

I also made a weekend video! It’s been a while since I’ve done one, and I’m not sure why. They’re so fun! Here are the basics for this weekend:

Rachel & Logan came to our casa so that Logan could whip up an amazing sushi dinner. He always goes all out – miso soup, edamame, snapper with cucumber and crab, salmon with avocado and cucumber, inari, chocolate mochi cake with strawberry gelato and tiny jugs of Yakult. He rocks.

We hung out at home with coffee and toasted, buttered baguette, and a lunch of hot dogs and mashed potatoes (we’re classy, yo). Then it was Derby Day madness! Rather than my usual dress-and-large-hat combo, I opted for a 40s look, in vintage goodness. Justin was gorgeous as always. There were Dizzy Derby races, juleps, games of corn hole, bocce ball, and all kinds of preppy fun. After Derby Day, a huge group of us cabbed over to Foreign & Domestic and ordered everything on the menu. Literally.

We relaxed at home in the morning, and then Kate and Meghan stopped in to produce a photo shoot for a local magazine on our lawn. I got an amazing vintage canning book out of the deal. In the evening, I walked down to Winflo to meet the girls and celebrate Jodi’s big win. On my walk home, I saw my friend Alex at Clark’s, and so of course I met Justin there for bubbly and oysters.

Derby Day 2013 from Crystal Esquivel on Vimeo.

Such a fun (but exhausting) weekend! I’m looking forward to some quiet time tonight. Just me, a kitty cat, and a book. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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