Things and Things

Sometimes I get caught up in little icky things, and so I forget about big awesome things.

Things I Get Caught Up In

  1. Ugh, I can’t believe I have to work (write) ALL weekend.
  2. Omigosh I have so many photo shoots and chef interviews this week.
  3. I weigh more than I did in college.
  4. I don’t have a job with a salary, benefits, retirement, and colleagues.
  5. My hair won’t grow.
  6. I have too many books and magazines to catch up on.
  7. Yuck, it’s going to get SOOO hot this summer.

Things I Forget About

  1. Wow, I get to work at home, with my love, and enjoy a break for a spot of tea! (Also, I’m writing A BOOK!)
  2. Hooray, I get to hang out with awesome chefs and the lovely Aimee this week!
  3. Yay, I finally have curves!
  4. I get to make my own hours, work with awesome people, and do what I love!
  5. Short hair rocks!
  6. I have tons of books and magazines to read!
  7. Right now it’s spring, and it’s beautiful!

Thank you for participating in my little exercise. I now return you to your regularly scheduled day.

6 responses to “Things and Things”

  1. i love this!!! whenever i get in a funk i think of pollyanna. eat some chocolate, open a window and listen to my favourite song. and then le voila. no more funk.

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