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March 10, 2012

Hi peeps! Today Justin and I are reminiscing about the toys we had as kids. Justin started with Battle Beasts – sometimes he’ll randomly say, “Wood! Wood beats water!!!” So he finally decided I should know what he was talking about. Please observe:

And I said that I had one My Little Pony, and that I loved it so much and that it smelled so good, and that the hair was so perfect. I can’t remember which one I had – maybe Glory, Windy or Moonstone.

And then I remembered that I also had this other pony, that was crazy pretty, and I could put glitter in her hair, and she had accessories – it took me an hour to figure out what it was called. Fashion Star Fillies! (I had Chloe.)

I also had eight Micro Machines Travel City sets – the car wash, the battle block, the drive-thru fish & chips, the fire department, the hospital, the marina air base, the police department, and the suburban house. I adored these – I would put them together and take them apart over and over and over again. I loved the little interactive car wash and the garage doors that opened and closed. (I couldn’t find an English version of this one.)

And then we remembered these little “After These Messages” commercials…

Which then reminded me that I watched Welcome to Pooh Corner every every day.

As well as Dumbo’s Circus.

And of course, Fraggle Rock.

We’re having a lovely, rainy Saturday. How about you?

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8 Discussion to this post
  1. nicole says:

    I loved to play teacher as a kid and always dreamed of having a projector but never got one. I had water babies, some rollerblading doll that dispensed stickers from her belly button, Barbies, a gameboy, and pokemon cards. I’m a 90s baby!

  2. Mike Lyons says:

    Transformers 1980s, baby!

    I loved Fraggle Rock and Dumbo’s Circus, too. Ahh… Thanks for sharing!

  3. Liz says:

    HAHAHAHA! Fashion Star Fillies! Yes. And Puffalumps and Pound Puppies. All so good.

  4. Erin says:

    Argh I’ve been remiss over at the stuffinmytrunk tumblr because my sticker collection was daunting…but here come the Barbies! They’re coming…wait for it…

    • Crystal says:

      My favorite barbie was this one that only had half a head of hair (but it was long), and so she couldn’t wear a pony tail, but she also had this button on her back that made her arms move up and down, but she was so old that when you pushed it she kind of looked like she was having a seizure. She rocked.

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